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Is Life Coaching for me?

Empowering you to move from fear and lack to peace and abundance

About Our Company

My name is Elizabeth Cermak.  I am a Master Life Coach, Certified Spiritual Coach, and Certified Angel Tarot Card Reader.  I have my masters degree in counseling and bachelors degree in psychology.

I am so  excited to have the priviledge to help people like YOU create a more beautiful life!  You deserve better thoughts, actions, and in turn a better life.

The life coaching model fits perfectly with my values and beliefs about human nature.  The answers are within us.  Human beings are inherently healthy and born to thrive.  I have a holistic view on health and wellness.  We should not be focusing on diagnosis anymore.  You were born to go above and beyond the societal norm.  Because you, my love, are not normal!  I mean that in the best way possible!

Life Coaching

I will help your reach your highest light through life coaching sessions! From gaining momentum in your career, to more fulfilling relationships, to health and wellness, to finding peace, to pure abundance, we can work together to create the life you want.

Tarot Card Coaching

You may need some direction in your career, love life, or life in general. I let my clients ask their questions and then the cards help guide our coaching sessions. Use my angel tarot card reading services to communicate with The Divine. I can help you connect to your highest power to achieve enlightenment.


My blog posts are dedicated to my nieces, Myranda and Shaelynn, who as little girls, demonstrated a strength beyond my wildest dreams. In turn, they awakened this strength in me. They are my true God Sightings. It is to them I owe it all. Their outside beauty does not hold a candle to their beautiful souls. They are my best friends and soul mates. In this life and the next, I will always love you.
My certifications represent what I truly love: mental health, self-care, spirituality, peace, anxiety relief, happiness, bliss. If someone was to ask me to describe who I am in one simple sentence, I would say, “I am in inner-peace seeker.”


“I could go on and on about life coaches and Elizabeth’s personal skill set in helping me become the best me I can be. I am half way through our sessions and have truly shifted my wants and desires into attainable goal in the near future! “
“I am blown away by the reading–Elizabeth is very nuanced and insightful! I also read Tarot, so I know someone excellent when I see them.”