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Hello Beautiful Soul!

I wanted to stop in today to say welcome to any new Your Highest Light Subscribers, and HELLO and thank you for being here to all existing subscribers!  I am so happy you are here!

So I have a question for you.  Do you ever feel stressed or anxious?

Well I do.  One thing I found at the beginning of my wellness journey is that people would tell me in order to lessen my anxiety, I should focus on my breathing….

Okay, well, that didn’t work.  In fact, oftentimes when I sat in a room alone and focused on my breathing, my anxiety increased!  Eek!

Today I want to teach you a tip to lessen your anxiety WITHOUT deep breathing!  Go ahead and watch the video below (from two years ago actually) for more information, or just keep reading!


Anyone who has anxiety issues probably knows the importance of breathing. When you feel anxious, your breathing gets shorter and more shallow, causing your body to tense. The amygdala (fight or flight) in your brain even gets fired up so you can’t remember things (test anxiety anyone?). I think this could explain some of the irrational thinking that accompanies anxiety. Literally, we are not in our right minds when our anxiety is too high (freak out mode).

So how do we lesson our anxiety? Simple! Breathe! Deep breathing works. It is just a fact. It slows down the fight or flight (sympathetic) part of your nervous system and activates the rest-and-digest (parasympathetic) part of your nervous system.

Well guess what? It may be simple, but it is not that easy.

What many people may not know about anxiety disorders is that concentrating on your breathing can actually cause your anxiety to get worse! Anyone who has an anxiety disorder, and even those who just experience everyday anxiety, probably totally know what I am talking about! I don’t know why. Those of us with anxiety cannot explain it. All I can say is that the first time someone told me to concentrate on my breathing, my breathing totally freaked me out!

What a dilemma!

There is good news for those people who find that concentrating on their breath makes them more nervous. There are other ways.

Anxiety is when your mind is in the future. Depression is when your mind is in the past.
I always tell my clients, they can handle anything that is happening right now. 99% of the time, there is nothing wrong in the present moment. We can always handle what is happening in the present moment, 100% of the time. What we can’t handle is all the possible things that COULD happen in the future! That is why bringing yourself to the present moment will always help with anxiety.

This is where a mantra can help you. There is a course in miracles lesson that says “My present happiness is all i see.” Since happiness might be a far reach for someone in “freak out mode”, I have changed this for my clients to say, “The perfect present moment is all I see.”

Look around you. Notice the colors, the textures, the smells, the sounds. Accept that the present moment IS perfect, no matter what is happening! Use all your senses. We call this mindfulness or self-soothing. Let yourself be soothed by the present moment.

Once you allow this mantra to bring you peace, your breathing will naturally slow down and get deeper.  Then you will definitely feel more relaxed and your anxiety will lessen.  You can breathe fully again.  You can think again.  You can remember again.  And most importantly, you can reach better thoughts.

I hope this serves you, and I would love to hear from you!  Post below about your experience with anxiety, deep breathing, and how you might use the new mantra!

Peace, Love, and The Perfect Present Moment Is All I See,