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This blog about about why you will NOT gain weight this holiday season!

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Thanksgiving!  The holidays!  Who is excited? I am!  I am a total holiday nerd! I love the holidays! Thanksgiving is one of my favorites! I have so many precious Thanksgiving memories as a child, adolescent, and adult. They all involve family, shopping, and FOOD.

Click below to watch a VLOG on simple steps to make peace with food this holiday season, or read about it below!  Repeat after me:  “I’M NOT GOING ON A DIET FOR NEW YEARS THIS YEAR!”  (This video is from last year Thanksgiving, but still totally appropriate!)

Ah yes, food glorious food! I love food! Along with these awesome food holiday memories, I also have some scary food memories. (LOL! I imagine dreaming about being chased by a humungous MAD turkey!) That is not the kind of scary memories about which I am talking. Thanksgiving is one of my first memories, as a child, of feeling like I could NOT stop eating.

It was such a comfy cozy day. It was cold outside, but I was warm inside with my aunt and uncle both whom I loved so much, and who have since passed away. My mom was cooking, and the rest of my family was there. There was so much love. I remember thinking about how this is the best day ever! This is a day for eating and family, and it gave me such a warm feeling inside.

I specifically remember eating dip out of a bread bowl and thinking about how good it tasted. Then it hit me! This was the first time I thought, “Am I going to get fat”? And then, “Am I already fat?” Guess what I did next? I ate more delicious dip to stuff down that thought! Hence, the scary feeling of not being able to stop eating!

This started me down a road of a strange relationship with food, which is way too complicated for one blog. The holidays were a trigger. The pattern was usually something like: diet, restrict, get excited for all the holiday food, overeat, feel super sick, then hate myself and vow to go on a strict diet  Continue cycle.

I remember one Thanksgiving getting up early the next day to go shopping with my mom, and being so sick that I could barely even go. I LOVE shopping. That was the point I decided, I was not going to do this anymore.

Food or shopping? Guess what? Don’t be too surprised when I tell you, I want both! I know my husband would not be surprised to hear that! I am here to declare, you can have your pumpkin pie and shop too (without feeling sick)! I am going to tell you how!

Now, I am happy to say, my relationship with food is way different. But the holidays still can be a trigger. They can scare me into thinking I am going back to my old ways until I remind myself, that is never going to happen. I am a different person today. I want to share with you some things I do to make sure I enjoy my food and do not completely overdo it on the holidays.

Step 1, Check in with your higher power.

Okay stay with me here, because some of this may sound weird. I do not care if you are having three million people over that day, you deserve at least five minutes of silence that morning. Do what Marianne Williamson suggests, and send everyone with whom you are going to be that day love. “Zap them with love.” Marianne says.

Then I am going to ask you to go even one step further. Zap the food you will be eating (or not eating) with love. Send every bit of food you will be around that day love. This will soften the energy between you and food. It will improve the relationship between you and your food. “I love my food, and my food loves me” is a great mantra!

Then before you put anything in your mouth during the day, check in with a higher power. I do not care if this is God, Goddess, Your Higher Self, Angels, The Universe, or whatever you want to call it. Ask if you should have this food now or later. You might be surprised at what you hear.

Sometimes right away, my higher power will tell me to eat the pumpkin pie now! Sometimes it will tell me to not eat the healthy carrot thing now. Usually I ask, “now or later?” Remember your higher power will never be mean to you. It will never say, “Are you crazy? Do not eat that! You’ll be a fat pig!” That is your ego talking! Your higher self will be a calm and comforting voice. The purpose of checking in with your higher power is to create some space before you eat. It is not going to always be perfect. Sometimes you will say “F@#$ it, I’m eating it NOW!” And that’s okay! Just start cultivating the practice! It’s fun!

NEVER be afraid of what your higher power will say.

Sometimes your mind will say, I want this now. And your higher power will say, “WAIT!” In this case, you will want to try to balance the two. Try waiting 10 minutes, and see how you feel.  It is okay to compromise.

Step 2, Enjoy your food!

Remember that under-eating and overeating are both ways of not enjoying your food. The key here is to make eating enjoyable. Slow down and chew your food. Do not eat anything you do not like. Do not let Aunt Bess guilt you into eating her green jello. If you do not want it, say “No thanks!”

Food tastes so good if you eat it at the right time. Have you ever said, “that hit the spot!” That is exactly what I am talking about! I remember last Thanksgiving my husband and I were too full for dessert, so we decided to take it home with us. It tasted sooooo delicious later that night! It hit the spot.

Try to only eat when things taste absolutely delicious.  Slow down, and ALWAYS enjoy your food!

Step 3, You can eat anything you want whenever you want!

Do NOT fall into the trap of thinking you are going to go on a diet tomorrow. I used to think, okay tomorrow I’m on a strict diet. Then I would start to think I had to eat anything I could get my hands on today, before it was off limits. This is NOT enjoying your food!  That equals misery the day you eat everything in sight, because you feel sick.  It also equals misery the next day, because you are depriving yourself.

Tell yourself (in kind of a snotty way if you wish) “I can eat anything I want whenever I want.” (and flip your hair like your sh#$ don’t stink!) You can have apple pie for breakfast if you want! (That sounds awesome!). And you can be thin while doing it! This takes the fear out of food! It also means you might skip the apple pie today, and save it for tomorrow. This attitude gives you control. Take your power back! Be a food snob! And enjoy every minute of it!

Let’s review!

1.  Check in with your higher power.

2.  Enjoy your food.

3.  You can eat anything you want whenever you want.

This is the recipe for a calm, cool, and collected holiday. You do not have to be threatened be the dessert table anymore. While you still love your food, your true love is inside yourself. You would never eat to the point of being sick, because you love yourself way too much for that. You will go to bed that night giving yourself a big hug. You will congratulate yourself for how awesome you are and dream of your apple pie that you are saving for breakfast.

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**(Every BODY is different, so please see a medical doctor if you have specific medical needs. This blog is not intended to give medical advice).

I AM a life coach and therapist, so if you would like to be coached through this process this holiday season, please contact me.  I would love to work with you!  elizabeth@yourhighestlight.com.

You are going to rock it and feel great!  Nothing beats feeling free of food anxiety around the holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Peace, Love, and Food Freedom,

Elizabeth and Prudence