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So I went to a doterra essential oils party promising my hubby I wouldn’t buy anything, and  I left as a Doterra Wellness Advocate….

Yep, I left with a starter kit and a vision to sell these oils.  I felt I had no other options.  My client’s need this, and so do I.  

So my hubby got on board, and I’m off and running!

I am still learning about these amazing essential oils, so I am going to start with the basics here. 

I already was sold on the benefits of essential oils before the party/class,  I had been listening to holistic doctors for years talk about the benefits of essential oils (Check out Dr. Josh Axe.  He’s awesome).  What I did not know was the amazing-ness of the DoTERRA oils, the company, the way they are sourced, making them literally the purest and best on the planet. 

We need these oils in our daily life.

Watch my video below for the basics on healing with doTERRA, or just keep reading!


Here are the three oils with which I started.  I am writing this to show you that healing with doTERRA essential oils can be really simple and inexpensive (It only costs $35 for the whole year to get these oils at a wholesale price, and you DO NOT have to buy an expensive kit!)

I am working with my doctor on using these to treat my adrenal fatigue as well.

Okay, here we go….

  1. Lavender 

Everyone knows about lavender right?  Have you tried doTERRA lavender?  I recommend trying it and comparing it with a lavender you buy at whole foods, for instance.  Warning, you will fall in love.

I use lavender only at night.  I put it on my hands (and now my hubby asks for it).  I use it only at night, because I want to associate the smell of lavender with sleep.  A couple drops on my hands, rub them tougher, smell, and I’m off to nigh nigh land.  If I wake up at night, I smell lavender to get me back to sleep.  Lavender is known for it’s relaxing and healing qualities.


  1. I diffuse lemon first thing when I get up in the morning (and throughout the day).  It helps me wake up and feel upbeat and positive about the day ahead.  I use it while doing my morning meditations.

Lemon is known for it’s uplifting qualities.  It helps depression by improving mood and relieving stress.  It also is a natural disinfectant.  Not to mention, it is DELICIOUS to add a couple drops to whatever you are baking.  I added it to some “healthy” icing I made for some muffins, and my hubby went nuts!


  1. Peppermint

Ahhhh peppermint.  I have a history of nausea.  One sniff of peppermint essential oil, and poof, nausea gone.  I put a couple drops of peppermint (and lemon) in my water and green tea every day.  Peppermint has been shown to help digestion.  We know now about the gut/brain connection.  Peppermint helps heal the gut, which in turn helps with anxiety/depression.  I have the peppermint beadlits from doTERRA too, which always help any tommy aches.

According to Dr Axe, peppermint is also “commonly used to boost energy levels and improve both skin and hair health”. 


There you have it, 3 basic essential oils that have already changed my life, lavender, lemon, and peppermint.  I am thankful for these little miracles every day.  And we are just getting started.

For more info on purchasing oils, click here or contact me!