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You Are Not Your Thoughts

Those empowering thoughts are more truthful.  The past is only in your mind and can only hold you back if you allow it to hold you back.  What other people think of you, mistakes you have made, mistakes others have made, it’s all in the past.  It’s currently all in your head.  Allow yourself to forgive yourself and others, and let the past go.  Then you can find moments, space in your mind, for new and glorious thoughts.  

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Did You Just Level Up?

I also want to challenge you to look at any issues you are facing in your life right now in a different way.  If you feel like you are faced with challenges that you thought you took care of in the past, they could be resurfacing because you, too, are leveling up.  See how this changes our perspective?  It changes the meltdown from something negative to something positive.  Be grateful for the meltdown.  Your higher self awaits.  First she needs to shed her skin.

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