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How To Get What You Want & Why You Are Safe

Make a promise to yourself that you will expand your comfort zone everyday.  Do one thing everyday from that list that makes you uncomfortable, and watch how you can invite new things into your comfort zone.  The goal is not to feel overly stressed and overly uncomfortable.  The goal is to get comfortable doing “harder” things.  The goal is to make the things you are viewing as “hard” easy. 

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Food Peace

You are not your problem with binge eating.  Separate yourself from the binge.  Look at it with curiosity.  Take the shame out of it.  It is serving a purpose for you.  It’s just time to find a healthier way to fullfil that need.  What do you want?  Freedom?  Balance?  It’s yours.  It may take time, but it’s totally worth it. 

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May I Be Calm

Know that sending someone who is giving you a difficult time loving kindness does not mean you will allow that person to walk all over you!  Quite the opposite!   You will be able to stand up for yourself and say no without feeling guilty!  This meditation will help you gain better boundaries, because you are sending loving kindness to yourself as well.  Sometimes when we feel hatred toward another person, subconsciously, we feel bad about it.  This guilt shows up in our interactions with the other person.  This meditation remedies the guilt, so you can own your “no” and your “yes.”

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