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 From Fear to Love Coaching Group

Would you like to feel differently this year?
 Are you stressed?  

Have you had it with worry and are finally ready for peace of mind?

Are you redy to declutter your surroundings, relationships and mind?

Are you ready to actually live the happy and abundant life you deserve?

“I have been there.  I was miserable and in the grips of the hell of fear and anxiety for much of my life!  It kept me down.  I did not know that the life I wanted was possible.  I was just trying to survive through the day.  Now I have created a beautiful life that I never thought was possible!  In this group, I am sharing with you the techniques I used to transform my life and my mind from the hell of fear to the heaven and freedom of peace, love, and happiness.  I learned how to have fun, love, and be loved.  If you are ready, then it is time.”

And it is not as complicated as you may think.  Our physical world likes to complicate things.  The answers are simple and spiritual. 

Elizabeth is combining her knowledge and skills as a Certified Master Life Coach and her 20 years as an inner peace seeker (mentally, spiritually, physically, nutritionally) to create a mastermind group that gives you the skills you need to develop a better mind and better life.

This group is for those who are serious about getting on a spiritual path. It is for anyone who is sick of living in anxiety and lack and wants to shift to peace and abundance.  It is for those who want to manifest miracles and ignite their soul purpose.  

“It is time to think big for your life.  So much more is possible.  There is really nothing to fear today (unless you are being chased by a tiger).  You need to train your mind to know this.  The time for survival is over.  It is time to thrive.  It is time to sparkle and shine.”

Elizabeth Cermak is a Certified Master Life Coach, and a Certified Spiritual Coach. 
Do you feel okay, but things could be better?  Are you often bogged down by stress?  Do you find yourself too anxious or just get this feeling sometimes that you were meant for something better?


Better Is Possible!  A Better Life!  A New Reality!


Come with me!

What transformation can you expect?

Learn to Meditate and Calm the Monkey Mind

Learn How to Manifest

Create the Life You Really Want

Gain More Peace of Mind

Gain More Self-Love and Self-Confidence

Gain More Trust in The Universe

Upgrade Your Thoughts

Upgrade Your Feelings

Learn to ACT on Your Upgraded Thoughts and Feelings

Limit Energy Vampires

Create a Christmas Morning Feeling Each Day!

“I am literally putting my whole self and everything I know about coaching and spirituality into this course. Come open to a whole new reality.”  Elizabeth


Elizabeth will walk you through the following (You will receive a module every other week, and we will meet as a group every other week for a total of 12 weeks.):


Module 1 – Raising Your VIBE!  Gratitude.  Learning to meditate, breathe, practice mindfulness, and forgiveness.  
Module 2 – Creating Space.  Declutter your life – surroundings, relationships, and mind.
Module 3 –  Creating a vision for your life and space for that vision.  GET CLEAR!  It’s time to clarify your vision.  Vision board time!  But not only vision boards.  We are going to clarify values and life areas to keep you focused on the beautiful life you deserve.  You will make your vision bigger than your fear and learn to value that vision over your fears.
Module 4 – Limiting Energy Vampires (low vibe people, thoughts, actions) so you can fly and identify and change unhelpful thinking patterns.  Time to CHOOSE new beliefs and thoughts.
Module 5 – Making your plan of ACTION!  Getting out of your comfort zone!  Making physical and emotional/spiritual goals!   
Module 6 – Self-Concept, BECOMING the person who has peace of mind and who has the things you want to manifest.   Making your declarations to The Universe.  Learning to let it go, trust The Universe, and detach from the outcome. 
Imagine how your life could be different if you learn to conquer habits and thoughts that are not serving you!

What Will You Get?

6 Biweekly (every other week) Master Mind Sessions – $480 Value at $80 a session

6 Biweekly Recorded Modules From Elizabeth to Watch on Your Own (forever access) – $360 Value at $60 a class

Meditation/Manifesting Calendar – $9.99 Value

Worksheets/PDF’s from all of Elizabeth’s Experience in coaching and spirituality – $50 Value

Beautiful Mind/Beautiful Life Facebook Group – invaluable family of seekers


Total Value (if you can put a price on a better life) – $899.99


Only $297 paid in full or 3 monthly payments of $111

Limited Spots Available! 


Contact Elizabeth NOW to reserve your spot! 


Email:  elizabeth@yourhighestlight.com

Phone:  630-750-2311


Elizabeth is a Certified Master Life Coach and Certified Spiritual Coach, trained by the one and only Radleigh Valentine.