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I was FREAKING OUT!  I was watching TV with my husband and had to leave the room to go lay down!  Then I realized laying down only made it worse!  I was jumping out of my skin!  My mind was racing!  I was nauseas, overwhelmed, and to put it in clinical terms, “losing it.”.

In my last post I talked about how demons resurface when you level up.  In fact, when demons are surfacing, it is a sure sign you are on the right path!  In this post I am going to talk about how to refocus and SLAY THOSE DEMONS, sending them back into the nothingness from which they came.

On Christmas day 2018, I had so much good stuff going on!  My life was wonderful!  I had leveled up in all life areas and in major ways!  So why was I feeling such anxiety, and dare I say almost panic?

It was time to go back to the basics of flow and inner peace.

(Sometimes we forget the goal of flow and inner peace when things are going well, but when things are going well is when it is time to remember what it truly important.  Be prepared to fly strong.  If you do not stay centered, you will fall.)

I was feeling too much stimuli:  too many digital vibrations, too much sugar, too much caffeine, too many thoughts, too many plans, and not enough sleep.  My feel-good chemicals were disintegrating.  My adrenaline was too high, and my dopamine was lacking.  I did not need a blood test to prove it.  I could feel it.

Do you ever feel it?

Let’s face it.  In today’s society, we are overloaded with information.  We can get stuck in FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).  What did I miss?  What does the latest news say?  What did that email say?  Do I need to be signing up for that workshop?  My friend across the country has a sick cat.  Did I tell him I’m thinking of him?  Did I like that picture of my uncle hula dancing?  Did I respond to that last comment?

You get the picture. It reminds me of that George Harrison song, It’s all too much.  All of that information, useless or useful, is taking up space in your brain.  It uses energy.  The unhelpful information is weighing you down.

We live in the information age, and there are many good things about it.  We don’t want to change it, (I do not even thin we can) but we have to learn how to thrive in it.  Only you can decide to thrive.  The only way to thrive today is to know how to focus on what information you want and let the rest go.

It is time to find your happiness by decluttering your life, focusing again on what matters to you, and making what matters to you bigger than your distractions.

I really do believe that when we simplify our lives and minds and focus on what really matters, we ARE conquering our demons.  That is because the world tries to make things so complicated, when things are in fact quite simple.  The world tries to freak us out.  When there is every reason to stay calm.

Decluttering our lives, which means our minds, surroundings, and relationships, is essential to thriving in today’s world.  We must simplify in order to amplify.  We have to be vigilant about raising the quality of the information we let in and the vibes we send out.

You are the only person responsible for your vibe and your energy, so lets get on it!  Below are three steps to decluttering.  I work with my clients on each step in greater detail.  Please contact me at elizabeth@yourhighestlight.com to set up a coaching consult to work with me one-on-one!  I have one more spot opened for the deal of the month, and it is time to jump on it if you want it!  It will not be opened much longer!

  1.  Declutter your mind

I talk a lot about this in this week’s live video.  You can watch it below or just keep reading.

There is an excellant book called, Declutter Your Mind, How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative Thinking by S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport.  I highly recommend it!

In the book it talks about choosing values on which to focus.  You can find a list of values in the book I mentioned above, or you can google “values list” to find a list for yourself.  Choose 3-4 values that you want to focus on in your career and personal life.  There are many values to choose from, and this may be overwhelming.  The point is not to get overwhelmed.  Just choose 3 values, and do not overthink it.  You are simplifying your mind and life by making these 3-4 values bigger than your problems.

Write the values out.  Put them on a vision board.  Make sure you see them everyday.  Ask yourself, what am I doing/thinking that aligns with my values?  What am I doing/thinking that does not align with my values?  Ask your bestie or significant other what you are doing that does not align with your chosen values.  They will be able to list things right away!

This reminds me of the A Course in Miracles lesson, “I will not value what is valueless.”  If I am feeling mostly overwhelmed and stressed, then I must be valuing stress and overwhelm.  You might say, I don’t value stress and overwhelm!  But I am going to challenge you.  If you are feeling that way overall, then you are valuing it.  You do not live your values by what you say but by what you do, how you feel, and how you act.  If you worry a lot then you are valuing worry over trust.

If I value peacefulness, connection, abundance, and spirituality, my thoughts, actions, and feelings are going to be way different than if I value worry and stress.  Make your values and your vision way bigger and stronger than any problems.  It is really quite simple.  If you are not liking the way you are feeling, realign your thinking and actions with a value that is truly important to you, a value of which you are proud.

More ways to declutter your mind?  Limited social media, email scrolling (all of these actions on overdrive deprive our body of feel-good chemicals like dopamine), and unsubscribe (and still am) to all unnecessary emails.

2.  Declutter Your Surroundings.

I could write an entire book about the mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of decluttering your surroundings.  It is hard to summarize the importance of it.  Please read the book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.  After I took the above steps of decluttering my mind, I found that I when I would meditate, my mind was still jumping around more than usual.  The next big step was to declutter my surroundings.  I am not talking about little steps.  I am not talking about a little bit here and there.  I am talking huge action.  Put aside a couple days where you do not do anything else.  Keep only the things in your life that spark joy.  Get rid of everything else. Make sure you can see what you have, love what you have, and enjoy what you have.  Allow for empty spaces.  You are leaving room for miracles.


3.  Declutter Your Relationships. 

Again, this one is hard to sum up in a small paragraph.  There is much more written about it in the book I mention about, Declutter Your Mind, How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative Thinking, but it is something to start thinking about.  I choose relationships that help me thrive.  We cannot change other people, but we can change our reaction to them.  Do not be afraid to delete comments or unfollow people on social media who are sucking your energy.  You have a lot to do in the world, and criticism for criticism sake is an energy vampire.  There is such a thing as constructive criticism, and there are people whose opinions should count to you.  Are you worrrying about people’s opinions that count or don’t?

Remember you are never stuck in any relationship or any situation.  I recently had to leave a professional relationship behind.  It just was not working anymore.  At first I felt stuck in it and at their mercy.  Then I realized I am never stuck, so I took bold action to let it go.  Space is now there for something better.

Getting rid of dead weight helps you fly.

Now my mind is not racing.  I feel at peace, at ease, and excited for the new year.  I am clear.

I would love the same for you.

I would love to hear your reaction!  What are you decluttering?  What values are you choosing to focus on this year!  Please comment below or send me an email!