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This Crisis

Panic is infectious.  Simply being around someone who is panicking will cause you to catch it.  You might notice your brain moving a little faster, your heart beating faster, or not being able to think as clearly after an interaction with someone who is freaking out. 

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Live Life With Ease

I am a huge believer in quiet time alone.  You need time to reprogram your thoughts from the thoughts of the world.  So notice when other people hold this limiting belief and spend sometime alone in quiet meditation after in order to choose what you want to believe again.  Know that you holding the belief that you are safe living life with ease gives other people permission to do the same.  

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How To Stop Stressing!

I have good news and bad news.  The good news is everything is definitely going to be okay.  The bad news is it is hard to convince yourself of this at times.  More good news, I am going to offer a simple technique today that will help you to know deep in your bones and soul that it is all good.  

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