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What to Cling to in 2021

At first I titled this blog “Connect With What You Want in 2021,” but that didn’t feel quite right.  Nope.  Not after the year we had in 2020.  It’s not really about what we want.  It’s more about who we are.  I believe that when you connect with you are really ARE,...

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Come Together – How to Handle Political Discussions with Dear Family and Friends

The purpose of this blog is to help people come together.  This purpose of this blog is NOT to promote a political view.  As Louise Phipps Senft says so eloquently, “Overall, my best advice when having political conversations with others is do not try to stand up to others who differ in beliefs. Instead, try to sit down with them.” This blog is about how to do just that.

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This Crisis

Panic is infectious.  Simply being around someone who is panicking will cause you to catch it.  You might notice your brain moving a little faster, your heart beating faster, or not being able to think as clearly after an interaction with someone who is freaking out. 

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